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work hard, work smart, work together

Through fables and tales told for centuries, we have learned to admire the ways of the ant as an industrious, well-organized and efficient worker.

As creators of efficient and complex structures underground, the ant represents the best aspirations of our company, so we at Development Engineering have adopted it as our symbol.

Our “ant” logo has been part of Development Engineering’s history for many years.

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Like the ant, we pride ourselves in working as a team, being well-organized and efficient. These values appear in everything we do, from comprehensive land use planning and investigations to the actual development of the site. Our engineers, designers and technicians offer years of experience in all phases of development, and they work together to ensure that our best insights and talents are captured in every solution we deliver.

Learn how our Employee Share Ownership Plan builds teamwork and accountability in our firm.


We also share the ant’s practical ground-level view of the complete project. Our work is performed with precision and an understanding of the interests and requirements of all parties involved. Our vision of the project, as seen from multiple perspectives, is rooted in our experience with:

  • municipal engineering and planning
  • contract administration
  • the planning approval process
  • “buildability” and cost management
  • concern for environmental stewardship

… making Development Engineering a valuable member of any project team